We were going to take a walk to Woodstock today, but the sidewalks are in terrible shape and the side streets are still covered with inches and inches of slush and snow. We got to the point where we could either walk the remaining 35 or 40 blocks to Woodstock or just do eight or nine blocks to Shun Fat. We opted for the place with the better snacks and closer walk. We still had to walk in the street, following ruts left in the snow to make it easier. Shun Fat is great. It replaced one of Portland’s most down-in-the-mouth Fred Meyers. At the old Freddy, you were advised to check your bottle of Tide before purchasing it: It took me two times before I realized people were buying the Tide, taking it home, emptying it out, filling it back up with water, and “returning” it. Shun Fat is just a well-stocked, predominantly Asian market with businesses going in around the core store that are making it a viable, closer alternative to Fubonn. Anyhow, it was a good walk. Hip flexors were definitely flexed and our snow cleats came in handy. Al has YakTrax and I have IceTrekkers. Both work great and are pretty easy to get on and off in a few seconds once you have the hang of it.