Portland Outdoor Store
Portland, OR
Fujifilm X-T5, XF23mmF2 WR

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I was furtively taking pictures when one of the folks there walked up. “Take as many pictures as you like.” He even opened up the third floor where they keep the saddles.

Shelves of boots. A sign over the threshold reads "LEVI'S SINCE 1860 - America's Finest OVERALLS" Inside a western store. Boots and cowboy hats on the shelves. A box fan and neon signs on a shelf over the floor. Old-school red vinyl and metal armed chairs. People shopping in western store. Racks of belts in the foreground. Shelves stacked ceiling high with shoeboxes. Garland hanging from fluorescent lights. Red vinyl and metal-armed chairs arranged around a wooden crate. Shelves with shoe boxes and miscllenaia in the background.