I made a shortcut that pretty much does what imgup does, except from an iPhone (or Mac, I guess, if you want to pick an image from Photos instead of sending it via an iPhone/iPad share sheet.

It just squirts an image up to the Cloudflare Images API, gets back a URL, and copies some pre-made Markdown to your clipboard suitable for pasting somewhere. Pretty simple to add a step to send it to a Drafts draft, etc.

Cloudflare doesn’t do ProRaw, and I’ve got my phone set to default to that, so the shortcut converts image input into 90% JPEGs (both to make them acceptable as a filetype and to compress them down under the Cloudflare file size limit. Generally I share from Lightroom anyhow, and that shares out however you choose and at whatever quality level.

I like sticking stuff up in Cloudflare Images because I get some dynamic options for presentation, quality, etc. that I don’t get when I’m sending things to micro.blog. Any automation I build against that API can eventually enjoy some reuse for the ideas I have around an image feed. If I need to abandon ship, it’s a simple API I can use to retrieve things.

I’m still plugging away at Smugmug automation, though. Cloudflare is fun to play with, doesn’t cost a ton, and is giving me some practice/learning opportunities. Ideally, though, I’ve had some kind of relationship with Smugmug for a very long time, I trust them, and would prefer to use them as the resting place for “seemed worth sharing” content.

I’m also curious about Adobe’s API.

What I’m ultimately interested in is whichever of these will let me layer in some basic metadata in the form of descriptions, etc. then retrieve it programatically for different re-presentation.