Screenshot of a web page with image thumbnails and corresponding text areas with Markdown markup ready for copying/pasting.

Last night I finished up the /recent page for imgup’s SmugMug version.

It provides the last 20 uploaded images along with their title and caption metadata wrapped up in a Markdown image link. The caption is pulling duty as my alt text.

Having this in place gives me a way to process and upload images to SmugMug from Lightroom in bulk, then visit imgup to get the markup for sharing. Work put into adding metadata, titles, etc. can happen in one place, and I can easily amend it in the SmugMug organizer if needed. It saves me a little clicking around and manual editing.

Probably seems small, but I hated all the file shuffling I was doing and realized that some images I posted on my microblog over the past few years weren’t compressed/scaled very well. This gives me a tool for quickly rehabbing blog post images by finding them again in Lightroom, re-uploading them, and grabbing them out of imgup to update blog posts over time.


  • Go ahead and pull the trigger on adding oAuth tokens to a config file.
  • Make an images Atom feed.
  • Make a UI to select target albums for upload. Right now the album is hard-coded.