Screenshot of a web browser showing a page with image thumbnails and text areas with YAML and Markdown snippets

I’ve got a test instance of my new Hugo site running on Cloudflare.

I built an “image of the week” feature for it that uses site params and a partial to populate a slot on the front page of the site. I can fill in a few lines of YAML and it goes from there, pulling the image and metadata from SmugMug.

It was sort of clunky gathering the URLs and other information for it out of SmugMug, which does a lot to obfuscate URLs. So I extended imgup to add a YAML snippet on the recents page to copy and paste into config.yml in the Hugo repo.

It doesn’t look, btw, like will work for my main site. I’d like a little more control and flexibility, which I can get with bare Hugo. I put the work I’ve done on my Hugo theme up on my test instance and realized what it would take to get it all working, and how the feedback loops are pretty slow.

So the question now is “what belongs in my core site and what belongs on”