Bookmarking was a feature I slept on, but it just got more useful with tagging. I uploaded a JSON dump of my pinboard bookmarks just to try it out. Not sure I’d go full-time, but I like the idea of using it as a blog post queue.

I got sort of restless about publishing tools, then peevish about my Hugo setup and git, so I ran through a little “product manager of Me” requirements gathering exercise, and it came up “” I think it’s all about being able to just pop open MarsEdit or Drafts or whatever and start typing, but also knowing all of it is sitting up there as very portable Markdown-and-YAML I can grab at any time. I don’t know what it would take to get me to succumb to WordPress again.

I don’t agree with how all of the social bits of work, and I don’t agree with all the design decisions on the blogging side, but as a simple-to-use abstraction of Hugo with a steadily expanding feature list, a conscientious and thoughtful proprietor, and a kind community behind it, I don’t think there’s much better than out there.

(I still think no-hashtags-for-posts is a curious hill to die on, and believe tagging makes more sense for more people who maintain blogs as small online diaries than categories do, but also get that prolific inline hashtagging is visually cluttered and encourages a stilted and less readable posting style. When I have control of design I prefer to use them as a line of metadata at the bottom, where they serve an organizational purpose with a secondary benefit of enhancing discoverability on Mastodon.)

Anyhow, there are always tradeoffs.’s are pretty liveable for what you get. I’m glad it keeps improving.