Saturday morning with Another Green World.

I backed into Brian Eno by way of a couple of his “Ambient” albums: On Land and Music for Airports. That was about what I knew about him musically for a long while, and it was enough for me to notice when Whole Earth Review mentioned a printing of Oblique Strategies, a card-based creativity tool, which struck me as pretty cool.

While Al and I were living in Charlottesville I saw some mention of Another Green World then found it in a bin at the record store and picked it up as a “wonder what it’s like” thing. It became our Saturday morning soundtrack for at least a summer. We took turns going to the local Mr. Donut to bring back chocolate angels, coffee, and the paper. I’m not sure it’s even a great Saturday morning soundtrack album in that way. Not in the way, like, March 16-20, 1992 or maybe Mermaid Avenue were that year. But nostalgia and memory don’t care. It’s a Saturday morning album now.

You can, by the way, get a periodic Oblique Strategy tooted at you on Mastodon.

The album art for Another Green World, a surreal landscape featuring a bright green sky or horizon with a yellow sun or moon partially obscured by wispy cloud and two observers.