2022-09-29: Puppet people and alum Last Wednesdays at Bye and Bye are pretty great. Maybe we can catch up at the …

2022-09-27: I have a reason to get out my Fujifilm 56/f1.2 glass about once every two years, and every time I do …

2022-09-26: Busy week, decompressing stay in Skamokawa, time to head back. This is an autumn for the books.

2022-09-26: Breakfast at Patty Cakes in Cathlamet, WA

2022-09-25: Cathlamet, WA

2022-09-25: Skamokawa Vista Park, WA

2022-09-24: Astoria maritime museum

2022-09-24: Astoria day trip

2022-09-23: Constantly using timers to keep small, intentional breaks from turning into long, undirected ones. …

2022-09-22: Good enough. Heading home.

2022-09-20: Off to college tomorrow

2022-09-17: In the tiny tiny hours

2022-09-10: How would it affect the way you think about things if, instead of saying “why” you said “when”? e.g. …

2022-08-28: We took the scenic train from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach

2022-08-20: Guy on street outside our house: ‼️ I can’t wait to be like you two. Can’t WAIT ‼️ Me …

2022-08-18: story bundle is a great way to get bunches of ebooks for very little; Nickelmenu restores Dropbox on Kobo Libra 2’s Today I learned about Storybundle and was pretty excited to get a bunch of “dark sf” books for $25. …

2022-08-15: Some initial impressions of the Opal C1 After some issues with delivery, my Opal C1 finally arrived. It is a pretty good product, but it …

2022-08-10: The Kobo Libra 2 is pretty great If you haven’t gone Kobo yet, I’m back to re-recommend having upgraded my Forma to a Libra 2. Same …

2022-08-07: Purse

2022-08-06: Hot but beautiful day at Smith Rock

2022-08-02: No Loretta Jean’s tonight, which was a mild bummer. 2x Old Fashioneds, tho.

2022-07-31: Mt. Scott mulch pile

2022-07-31: A lot of folks in the Cathlamet area live right on little channels and inlets and have docks in …

2022-07-31: We camped in Vista Park, outside Cathlamet. The soda machine was close, which was … nice? The …

2022-07-31: We poked around Cathlamet a little. I want to go back and stay in the hotel some time.

2022-07-31: We took the ferry outside Kathlamet, WA to the Oregon side this afternoon.

2022-07-22: I watched the trailer and was just, like, “oh cool, it has owlbears.”

2022-07-20: qft

2022-07-20: It is mildly weird to me that Newsweek on Apple News is mostly recaps of Reddit posts. In my working …

2022-07-19: A little on the Ricoh GRIII X and light hiking carry I took my Ricoh GRIII X along for this past weekend’s camping trip. Usually I go with my …

2022-07-19: Cold lake

2022-07-18: Unicorn floaty

2022-07-18: New cups at Carnelian Coffee so there has been a bit of excitement this morning. They’re very good …

2022-07-17: Lava Lake


2022-07-12: Luther Rd. Floodplain

2022-07-11: “A cursed Rubik’s cube that sings the Star Spangled Banner with weasels”

2022-07-11: “A can of coors light used to fake a mapplethorpe”

2022-07-10: Took Lou out to Sauvie Island today. Lou didn’t have a name or a song when we set out, but it …

2022-07-08: Never enough red pills in this present moment This is pretty fun. Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault debating each other in 1971, defining some of …

2022-07-06: Favorite fastmail thing of the week: Filtering things of short-term value into a …

2022-07-05: Diamond Lake has some huge sites on the shore. Car camping paradise.

2022-07-04: Hiking up Mt. Bailey

2022-07-04: 15.4 miles round trip, 2300 foot gain up Mt. Bailey from the Diamond Lake campground. 🥾😅 The descent …

2022-06-30: New jacket day. My mass redistributed over the past two years, so not a lot for the tailor to do …


2022-06-25: Celebrating 20 years at our favorite place

2022-06-25: “Democratic Leaders Don’t Fear Their Own Base. They Should."

2022-06-24: The video that sold me on the TW200. No, no immediate plans to cross a desert on it.

2022-06-24: DNC Out of My Inbox

2022-06-22: “Laundry Symbols Make No Sense” Wonder what my designer friends make of this.

2022-06-22: Replacing the Himalayan with something Yamaha literally classifies as an “agricultural …

2022-06-22: “I Fucking Hate JIRA” needs to spin off an “I Fucking Hate my Management …

2022-06-20: Elite Capture by Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò 📚 This is one of those “mention advisedly” book summaries because there is something in …

2022-06-19: Fun weekend in Florence. I don’t know if Zizzo’s are durable as daily commuters, but …

2022-06-16: Sticking a keyboard on top of a laptop violated some vague aesthetic, but I’ve been doing it …

2022-06-15: I moved a few thousand blog entries from twenty years of blogging off the web and into a journaling …

2022-06-15: Some have the idea that “selling out” means “making money.” Maybe embracing …

2022-06-13: I ordered two, because we will not be liberated as individuals. Any comrades out there who could use …

2022-06-12: I mean, Apple TV+ is a subscription service. Making shows with stories that end or leave people …

2022-06-09: I have a lot of time for some heterodox thinkers. I wish “heterodox” was narrow-able to …

2022-06-07: Grad

2022-06-07: Looks like Raycast could replace Alfred, SizeUp, and FastScripts. Do I know anyone who’s been …

2022-06-06: Prehistoric Planet, S1E1: Many dinosaurs lived near the ocean and were often horrible to each other. …

2022-06-06: I have made worse decisions than “build a sectional out of 2x4” (summer 2020), but I have also made …

2022-06-05: I bought my Grom thinking I was satisfying a passing urge & took it out a few weeks ago to make …

2022-06-04: “How One Billionaire With a 300-Year Plan Fueled the Popping Tech Bubble” I started The Rise and …

2022-06-04: Ready for it to quit raining now. This thing wants to be out there.

2022-05-31: I wish every skate company did its marketing copy like Comet. (Just look at the whole page.)

2022-05-20: I thought the Peak Design out-front bike mount had an outsized trust in the power of magnets, and …

2022-05-19: Safari tab groups & I have entered into the dysfunctional stage of the “new Apple …

2022-05-19: Pretty big goings on at work with the Perforce acquisition final. It’s exciting and it’s …

2022-05-19: “Kindle, EPUB, And Amazon’s Love Of Reinventing Wheels” I don’t think the article …

2022-05-19: Ignore the Internet (except me) and fix the Kobo I’m writing this post in a likely futile attempt to save you a few minutes or hours if you …

2022-05-18: I remembered that Jekyll doesn’t do a feed out of the box so I added one. The last few weeks …

2022-05-18: On the Leica Q2 and Fujifilm X100V Another post rescued when 404s started popping up. I think it …

2022-05-17: Falls

2022-05-17: Org-Mode in Your Pocket Is a GNU-Shaped Devil I nearly decided to ignore the 404s this was …

2022-05-17: I retract anything I may have said about knowing how to fix Safari’s tab groups feature. Also, …

2022-05-16: I really appreciate cheesy-gallery and switched out all my old galleries with it last night. I woke …

2022-05-15: At the carnival

2022-05-15: I made a first cut at automating gallery pages on Jekyll today using a frontmatter-driven technique …

2022-05-15: “How Do Anti-Theft Wheel Locks on Shopping Carts Know to Trip at the Edge of the Parking …

2022-05-10: Early Fastmail impressions: I secured a new domain today that’s quite similar to but more …

2022-05-10: How to find a collection of photos in LR Classic using a CSV file. That you generated by finding …

2022-05-10: Last night I learned that if you’re getting the “pages in Safari tab groups open blank …

2022-05-10: I just set up a custom domain for email on iCloud and it was shockingly non-dramatic. I got a dialog …

2022-05-08: … and flagged this as “military.” I’ll allow it.

2022-05-08: Wow. I was downsampling an image in GraphicConverter, clicked the little lightbulb icon, and it told …


2022-05-08: I’ve never use the Finder for “work,” but faced with triaging 800 markdown files, …

2022-05-07: Obsidian Things Link turns Obsidian pages into Things projects and Obsidian tasks into Things todos, …


2022-05-06: Every 7-8 years I have to retrain myself to not over-filter email. Sanebox has been worth the …

2022-05-06: I tried out Secure ShellFish on my iPad to see how it compared to Blink. Wow. Logging in to a remote …

2022-05-05: The Moonlander didn’t stick with me – too many devices to tolerate the difference in …


2022-05-05: Forty is nice but doesn’t observe a few blog conventions, so last night’s fussing around …




2022-05-04: Something good that came out of 2 months of refusing to do much on a topic until writing about it: …

2022-05-03: Three other learnings/reminders from the tool whirlwind over the weekend: GitHub pages …

2022-05-03: This morning’s “putter around before the first meeting” project was to automate a …




2022-05-02: If you use Drafts, here’s a simple action to upload a photo to then get markup …


2022-05-02: How to Listen to People: A guide for leaders and managers (There’s a bigger project here; I …

2022-05-02: Higgins Restaurant, Portland, OR The doctor assured me the cold I was down with last week was not …

2022-04-29: Al on the Southern Oregon coast

2022-04-24: Finished reading: Old Man's War by John Scalzi 📚 Well, part of the point of re-reading this was to take a small break from more dense stuff, so I …

2022-02-21: Finished reading: Kill It with Fire by Marianne Bellotti 📚 Ride Attendant, 2017 I don’t know how many times I’ve said “the legacy …

2022-02-13: Currently reading: How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens 📚 In the process of doing my digital declutter, I came across this little book about a particular …

2022-02-12: Saturday morning coffee and cameras


2022-02-09: Some notes on my emerging digital declutter and assorted practices I'm going to go a little quiet for a month and take a stab at a digital declutter. Here are a few …

2022-02-06: Finished reading: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport 📚 Person reading alone on a rooftop patio, January 2022 A few years ago, pre-Trump, I quit social …

2022-02-06: Learning the ins and outs of the GR IIIx’s snap focus

2022-01-29: Finished reading: A Lesser Photographer by C. J. Chilvers 📚 A lot of advice and writing on photography is caught up in the difficulties professional …

2022-01-25: Finished reading: A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear: The Utopian Plot to Liberate an American Town (And Some Bears) by Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling 📚 Camp 18, Elsie, Oregon In 2004, a group of Libertarians realized the dream of the Free Town Project …

2022-01-24: Morning walk

2022-01-23: Sunday breakfast walk

2022-01-17: quiet day

2022-01-16: Finished reading: Wabi-Sabi - Photo School by Jana Mänz 📚📷 One to review advisedly, added to the reading list to give my brain a little time to cool off from …

2022-01-02: Night walk for chocolate cake

2022-01-02: Finished reading: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain by David Gerard 📚 This is a breezy read characterizable more by how fun its barbed skepticism is than any technical …

2022-01-01: Everything, All the Time, Everywhere by Stuart Jeffries 📚 (Finished) I read Helen Pluckrose’s Cynical Theories over the summer and it was a useful primer on the …

2022-01-01: Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs 📚 📷 (Finished) I first came across Daido Moriyama’s work in an article about presets for Fujifilm cameras. It …

2021-12-31: Walk to a plant sale at Larkspur

2021-12-31: NYE coffee walk

2021-12-30: Cold walk from downtown to Cafe Nell

2021-12-27: Took a walk for gin and groceries

2021-12-27: Coffee walk (w/YakTrax)

2021-12-26: Christmas day walk

2021-12-26: Coffee walk

2021-12-24: Christmas Eve

2021-11-28: Coffee walk

2021-11-21: Saturday morning coffee and korvapuusti. (Finnish cinnamon rolls)

2021-10-31: Newport & South Beach

2021-10-31: Yaquina Head Light and environs

2021-10-24: Two Gandalfs I’ve never particularly identified with Gandalf. I took some “Which Middle Earth person …

2021-10-10: I ended up at the Cape Disappointment lighthouse at the same time as some kind of photography field …

2021-10-10: Long Beach, WA misc

2021-10-10: Cape Disappointment battery and light house

2021-10-10: Cape Disappointment beach and jetty walk

2021-10-03: Wild rabbits at Webb Co. Campground in Pacific City

2021-10-03: Cape Kiwanda hike

2021-10-03: Cape Kiwanda morning walk

2021-10-03: Cape Kiwanda Sunset

2021-09-12: Mt. Hood from the Lost Lake lakeshore trail

2021-09-05: Vernonia antique store

2021-09-05: Old Vernonia mill (we think this was the drying room)

2021-08-29: The Outfitter 1 (and me & Mel)

2021-08-29: Picking up the Outfitter 1 Al and I spent the weekend driving out to LaGrande to pick up our new trailer from Mel Sandland at …

2021-08-01: Sunday walk from Oldtown to Alphabet and back

2021-07-25: Dinner at Higgins and a long walk to dessert

2021-07-25: Coffee walk to Woodstock

2021-06-28: Waited until it was below 90 to walk around on the Springwater and enjoy the breeze.

2021-06-20: Me and Dad

2021-06-20: Mt. Thielsen

2021-06-20: Howlock Mountain to Thielsen Creek Loop

2021-06-20: Diamond Lake boat ride

2021-06-20: Toketee Falls, Umpqua NF

2021-06-15: Couldn’t wait

2021-06-15: I can’t wait to take this out. Eagle Rock this weekend!

2021-06-08: More shots from Smith Rock. It was a spur-of-the-moment stop on the way back from Lava Lake in the …

2021-06-07: I’ll share more and better from Smith Rock later, but: I was taught early on to keep humans in the …

2021-05-10: evening stroll to Woodstock with the Funleader. “Five-mile walk after work? Sure!” …

2021-05-08: Wahkeena Falls Trail, Multnomah Falls, East Wind Drive-In

2021-05-07: Floodplain, a little better

2021-05-03: Pretty day at Yaquina Lighthouse and tide pools

2021-05-03: Hobbit Beach, near Heceta Head

2021-04-18: Windmills

2021-04-18: Rufus Landing and Deschutes Canyon Loop Trail, Columbia River Gorge

2021-04-12: The Soapstone Lake trail, a few miles south of Hwy 26 on the way home from the coast.

2021-04-11: Walk along the Nehalem Bay spit

2021-04-10: Snowy Plovers

2021-04-10: Manzanita Sunset

2021-04-10: Assorted sights on Crescent Beach at Ecola State Park

2021-04-10: Assorted creatures on Crescent Beach at Ecola State Park

2021-03-07: Walk along Manzanita Beach

2021-03-06: Around Nehalem Bay

2021-03-06: Hug Point

2021-03-06: Manzanita

2021-03-05: Al at Manzanita

2021-02-28: Coffee walks

2021-02-28: Evening walk

2021-02-28: Downtown

2021-02-20: Lechon

2021-02-15: Trek to Shun Fat We were going to take a walk to Woodstock today, but the sidewalks are in terrible shape and the …

2021-02-14: Smokes in a tree

2021-02-14: Out in the cold

2021-02-14: 82nd Bar & Grill


2021-02-13: Springwater and Luther Natural Area

2021-02-08: Some plant all twisty

2021-01-18: The Foster Floodplain, until the recent heavy rains, had a tree I liked a lot. Every time I’d …

2021-01-18: Dawn

2021-01-18: Dry Creek Falls

2021-01-09: Springwater & Floodplain

2021-01-05: Morning coffee walk and the first COVID Couches of 2021

2021-01-03: Hug Point

2021-01-03: Oswald West & Cannon Beach

2021-01-03: Hug Point

2021-01-02: Rainy and quiet in Manzanita

2021-01-01: Manzanita, a little before midnight.

2021-01-01: Break area

2020-12-31: Manzanita NYE

2020-12-31: Oblig Camp 18 stop

2020-12-31: On the way to Manzanita

2020-12-27: Coffee walk down Foster

2020-12-27: Springwater walk

2020-12-25: Christmas Day walk. Wandered out of the back of the Foster Floodplain and into an asphalt factory.

2020-12-21: Walk to coffee on the first day of the holiday break

2020-12-20: Rainy day walk

2020-12-19: Morning Luther Natural Area & Springwater walk

2020-12-18: I shot these in monochrome to make the manual focus aids stand out a little more as I shot, but I do …

2020-12-18: Zone focusing walk

2020-12-06: Around Lents and Brentwood

2020-12-03: On the Leica Q2 and Fujifilm X100V Somewhere mid-summer I decided to take a break and head for the coast. I found a room with a small …

2020-11-30: Springwater

2020-11-29: Luther Road Natural Area and Springwater Trail

2020-11-28: Night walk around Lents and Foster Rd.

2020-11-26: Springwater and Foster Floodplain Thanksgiving walk

2020-11-24: Woodstock alleys

2020-11-24: Night around Foster (and the return of Furniture of COVID).

2020-11-20: Morning walk for coffee

2020-11-14: Flu shot day

2020-11-08: Glenwood Park. Just a few more days of the show left.

2020-11-07: Blue doors

2020-11-07: Oldtown Noir

2020-11-07: Here and there, Oldtown and Division

2020-11-06: Night walk around Hawthorne & Belmont

2020-11-04: Morning after walk

2020-11-01: Fall on the Springwater and Foster Floodplain

2020-10-31: Don’t think I’ve seen Glenwood Park quite this vibrant ever.

2020-10-27: Night walk around SE Portland

2020-10-25: Foster Floodplain

2020-10-25: Springwater and Foster Floodplain walk

2020-10-24: Night walk in downtown Portland

2020-10-24: Night walk along Foster Road

2020-10-22: Eight years today

2020-10-21: Night walk around Mt. Scott

2020-10-19: Night walk around Lents

2020-10-18: Evening walk to the ballot dropoff.

2020-10-18: Out at night

2020-10-18: Alphabet District

2020-10-18: Out and about with the Funleader 18/f8 and XPro3

2020-10-07: Steel Bridge

2020-10-07: Burnside Bridge

2020-10-07: Downtown Portland

2020-10-07: Downtown Portland

2020-10-05: Kind of a flat day for photos at Hug Point yesterday. The tide was in and I wasn’t feeling it, so I …

2020-10-04: Time to head back

2020-10-03: Around sunset

2020-10-03: Manzanita Beach

2020-10-03: Teeter totter

2020-10-03: Burnside bridge

2020-10-03: Springwater

2020-10-03: Smoke memories

2020-10-03: Beach walk

2020-10-02: The Little Apple

2020-10-02: Some living room on the coast.

2020-10-02: Some garage on the coast with antlers, plastic chairs, and a flag.

2020-09-27: Downtown Portland walk

2020-09-21: River walk

2020-09-14: Sunset on the Foster Floodplain

2020-09-13: Sunday morning at Glenwood Park

2020-09-10: Pay Here

2020-07-18: PTO Day 6: Last night on the coast. Took the Woodford and a tumbler of rocks down to the beach for a …

2020-07-16: PTO Day 5: Small things at Hug Point

2020-07-16: PTO Day Five: Hug Point morning walk

2020-07-14: PTO Day Three: Manzanita sunset

2020-07-13: PTO Day Two: Morning Beach Walk

2020-07-12: PTO Day One

2020-07-09: Springwater/Foster Floodplain Walk

2020-06-21: Lensbaby on the Springwater

2020-06-06: Here and there

2020-05-28: Here and there Sunday

2020-05-28: Around the Springwater at dusk

2020-05-22: Evening walk

2020-05-19: Skate kids

2020-05-03: Afternoon walk to Fubon.

2020-05-03: Night walk around Lents.

2020-05-02: Night walk through Lents with Ben.

2020-04-27: Lunch walk on the Springwater.

2020-04-25: Walk to Woodstock for Otto’s hot dogs

2020-04-21: Evening walk on the Foster Floodplain

2020-04-19: Sunday afternoon walk

2020-04-18: Outsiders MC

2020-04-18: Night walk through Brentwood-Darlington.

2020-04-15: Tonight’s amazing sky

2020-04-14: Venus over Lents at dusk

2020-04-13: Night walk around Lents

2020-04-12: Glenwood Park

2020-04-12: 205 bike path

2020-02-22: Saturday walk from Lents to Mt. Scott Blossoms in Lents, Portland, Oregon Studebaker Lark Cruiser, Mt. Scott, Portland, Oregon Studebaker …

2020-02-22: The Graduate Hotel, Eugene The Graduate Hotel, Eugene, Oregon Al had a physical therapy appointment in Eugene, so we made an …

2020-02-17: Image of the Weekend Hug Point, Fujifilm X-Pro3 with XF23mmf2 R WR, Acros-R film simulation This shot made me pretty …

2020-02-16: The weekend landing zone in Manzanita "An Amazing Place," Manzanita, Oregon

2020-02-16: Camp 18

2020-02-16: Hug Point in Color

2020-02-16: Hug Point in Monochrome

2020-02-16: Morning in Manzanita

2020-02-14: Another nice shooting day Around downtown Portland The days are getting noticeably longer, so there's more daylight to work …

2020-02-14: The picture habit: On 37,000 pictures in three years after a week of bad pictures Hotel Dossier with Nick's American lads, the second bar of the night, having realized I had not …

2020-02-10: Pine Street Market

2020-02-07: Kells

2020-02-07: commute walk

2020-02-06: Downtown Portland

2020-02-06: Downtown Portland

2020-02-03: pretty day today

2020-02-03: Morning commute walk

2020-02-03: Morning Walk From Parking Forgot to put an SD card in the camera this morning, so it’s a phone today.

2020-02-01: Portland Lee’s Assoc.

2020-02-01: Gun storage lockers

2020-02-01: Straps

2020-01-31: carts

2020-01-30: blue hour misc

2020-01-30: Max walk

2020-01-28: Max Walk

2020-01-27: Downtown Portland

2020-01-27: Blue Hour

2020-01-26: Downtown Portland

2020-01-25: Morning

2020-01-25: Woodstock Walk And Lunch

2020-01-22: Skyscraper Noir

2020-01-22: Student Housing Noir

2020-01-22: Morning Blue Hour

2020-01-19: Walk for coffee

2020-01-17: Earlybird

2020-01-17: Trimet Noir

2020-01-16: Portland Sign

2020-01-14: Ben, 2017 (the nice part of scrolling through Lightroom is finding the ones to keep).

2020-01-12: Standup

2020-01-11: The Hawthorne

2020-01-11: Riot cops

2020-01-11: lotto

2020-01-11: Downtown

2020-01-11: Commute

2020-01-10: Tonight’s walk to the Max

2020-01-09: Very early thoughts on the Fujifilm X-Pro3 When I was in the market for a better-than-high-end-of-the-low-end camera a few years ago, I glanced …

2020-01-09: This ticket machine seemed sort of poignant there in the cold.

2020-01-08: Half Moon Bay, CA

2020-01-07: Smoke break

2020-01-07: Oaks Park Midway

2020-01-07: Indianapolis Flight Crew (Original)

2019-06-27: Some Notes on How to Listen to People Last year I was asked to put down some thoughts about how to have an active listening practice as a …

2018-01-21: 'shopped I still hear people skeptically asking "did you have to touch it up in Photoshop?" as if …

2017-06-26: Journals Against Stories This is about a supplemental habit I’ve picked up to go along with my recent anti-story …

2017-06-11: That Didn't Happen! So, I had to talk about something difficult recently. How do you do that? I mean, "you the reader," …

2017-02-19: Supporting an Open Door Culture by Listening The soul of our politics is the commitment to ending domination.  — bell hooks Next week …

2016-02-14: Thinking About Priorities I’ve had to think about prioritization a lot over the past few years. A few things make …

2014-12-01: Breakfast at Oliver's I appear to have eaten at Oliver’s Cafe about 90 times since March, 2012 (can’t account …

2014-04-05: 9, 23, 25, 26, 29, 33, 35, 39 & 46 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore …

2012-09-27: One jumper to the left door This aircraft is used to train astronauts in zero maneuvers, giving them about 25 seconds of …