dot unplanned is Mike Hall’s microblog.

The main thing I do for fun is photography, and I post most of my recent pictures here on, or less frequently over here. There’s some more bio stuff and a selection of writing about things that matter most to me at


I work at Puppet in Portland, Oregon. You can read my professional particulars on LinkedIn.


dot unplanned is hosted by, which makes it awfully easy to set up a tiny blog and crosspost to Twitter. If you still want to have a blog and the idea of dealing with WordPress vexes you, makes it simple to start and use, but leaves open a little room for complexity.

The theme is a mildly modified version of Amit Gawande’s excellent Paper.

Reaching me

I’m on a small social media hiatus, so if you don’t have my phone number you can reach me via email: mph (at) puddingbowl (dot) org. If you do have my phone number, feel free to call, text, or reach out via Signal.